Broadway Boulevard Project

The Regional Transportation Authority Plan includes project #17 as: widen Broadway to 6 travel lanes, plus 2 dedicated bus lanes; bike lanes; and sidewalks.  The City of Tucson is lead agency.  Working with a Citizens Task Force, the project scope and roadway configuration alternatives are being reviewed.  The Planning & Design Phase is estimated to conclude in 2015.  A Final Design Phase will follow, which will bring all construction plans to 100% complete and construction-ready.  Construction is not anticipated until 2016. 

Broadway Design News

On October 9, 2014, the Tucson Mayor and City Council voted to 5-2 to move forward into the design phase for the widening of Broadway Boulevard to six lanes.  The vote supports a recommendation put forward by the Broadway Citizens Task Force.  Ten (10) of thirteen (13) Citizens Task Force members recently supported moving forward into design with a Preferred 6-Lane Including Transit Alignment, supported improving transit in the design work still to be completed, and developing recommendations to the Mayor and Council regarding issues highlighted (such as parking and more).

Citizens Task Force Alignment Recommendations Majority and Minority Reports (click to view)


Public Meetings

Next Broadway Citizens Task Force Meeting:

Thursday, October 23, 2014
Child & Family Resources (2800 E. Broadway)

View all past Broadway Citizens Task Force meeting materials here

Future Meetings:  Future dates not yet scheduled

View the Broadway Citizens Task Force's page on the City Clerk's web site.  To view materials from past meetings, check the Citizens Task Force page.


Materials from 8/26/14 & 8/28/14 CTF Meetings
118-Foot Width (Selected by Majority of CTF) and 96-Foot Width
West (Euclid-Campbell)    East (Campbell-Country Club)
Analysis Memo (comparison of the 118' and 96')

Example Concepts:  Frequent Stations for Center- and Side-running Transit
(118' alignment provides enough Right-of-Way to accommodate frequent stops for local transit service, by bus or future mass transit, such as streetcar)
Center-running:   Highland-Cherry      Country Club
Side-running:   Highland-Cherry   Country Club

"Ultimate" [Future] Transit Concept (demonstrates that the 118' alignment can convert to future mass transit)     
West (Euclid-Campbell)    East (Campbell-Country Club)
Overview Memo (describing concept)


Area Business and Property Owners

As you work to figure out what options are available to you with respect to the potential implications of the roadway design to your properties and business, please review the videos and materials from recent meetings with property and business owners to learn about contacts, tools, and resources available to you.  Click here to view.