Project Background

The Broadway Corridor is a Gateway Corridor that connects the east side of Tucson to the downtown, along a network of vital activity centers, and bordering a variety of established residential neighborhoods. The urban texture along Broadway is varied and includes residential uses, historic buildings, strip commercial, and neighborhood and regional commercial uses. In addition, the Broadway Corridor is one of busiest east-west transit corridors in terms of daily ridership.

The existing Broadway Corridor Study was conducted in 1987 and recommended a northern alignment for the roadway widening. This information is contained in the 1987 Draft Final Report Broadway Corridor Transportation Study pdf. The accompanying Right of Way Plan for Broadway (R-89-005) can be viewed at

Over the past 20 years several properties were purchased on the north side of Broadway to implement the roadway design. Population growth, traffic patterns and land use, and preservation of historic structures have changed the dynamics at play on Broadway. The new roadway project will begin by reviewing the Broadway Corridor Transportation Study to evaluate its utility today.