Silverbell Corridor Citizen Comments

November17, 2004

Mailing lists for future Silverbell Corridor Meetings. It is very important for the City, County and Marana to create their own mailing list, which fairly represent Silverbell Corridor users. I live directly near and use Silverbell everyday to access downtown employment, yet I was not notified of this meeting, yet the Tucson Mountains Association is collecting addresses tonight at your meeting, but I would hope that you would have this list too, for your own use, and so I’m wondering why you did not collect a sign in sheet. In the past, mailing lists collected at City meetings by TMA have been used to say there was support for ideas (like Columbus Park plans) when in actuality, the citizens who attended the meeting did not necessarily agree with TMA’s position.

If you did have a sign up list, it was not apparent. By 8:10 pm after 50% of the citizens present at the meeting tonight left the meeting, so did not get to sign the committee sign up sheet.

Have we not learned anything from past experience with traffic problems on Thornydale north or Ina or Cortaro Farms Rd at I-19. Fix the roads first – then allow the development.

Provide safe crossings on Silverbell for hikers, cyclists and equestrians trying to get to the Santa Cruz.

Do not widen or fortify Silverbell Rd. Not all Tucson Mountains Association members or board members want to have a big enlargement for the road. Only a few loud voices rule, so be prudent when you form the Silverbell Committee, please invite many homeowners associations so that many voices produce reasonable solutions.

Thank you for bringing this group together tonight. I’m sorry you weren’t able to accomplish what you came to do. Please continue to give your support while we try to work through these issues.

Our priorities have been stated in full tonight. Unplanned, thoughtless, and random development must stop. No more homes. No more non-neighborhood involvement. We do not believe the true and full story has been told. We must stop and think about what is done at each step along the Silverbell Corridor.

Developers should be required to put turn (left) out lanes on Silverbell. Not just for there subdivisions but for stables and other major streets with in there development along Silverbell.

Horse, bike, hikers, joggers access to with safety. High rezoning is not conserve the Tucson Mts.

If you could send us a questionnaire that we could vote as residents of the area – you could find out exactly what we all specifically think on each issue. E-mail and we can share with neighbors and post to council ourselves. My personal issue is a concern about the sewage treatment plant and landfills. This appears and smells dangerous to me! Please give us right hand turn lanes as you increase road area. Also if you want to hear from us – ask us questions, and stop apologizing for decisions you have already made. Let us know when and where the council meetings are held related to our neighborhood. We are happy to applaud or give a show of hands. Thank you for your time – if this was your neighborhood, we would shop up!

  1. A short term solution...Stop changing zoning! Stop issuing building permits.
  2. What kind of impact fee will these people of the new housing pay.
  3. Why does the City, County accept these changes for building before improvements that they know will be needed are even addressed?
  4. We will be happy to serve on the citizen's committee.

Thank you for coming! Why is it necessary to build on every undeveloped piece of land? Would you want to live in a flood plain as wash even if it is raised. You are destroying the very reason many of us came to Tucson.

I support a coalition to study:

  1. Transportation
  2. Land use
  3. Archeological sites
  4. Kinder Morgan/landfill contamination
  5. Floodplain/flooding - Who pays if the river floods a home built near a floodplain?
  6. Open space commitment
  7. High tension lines
  8. Current/future zonings

The priority I think is to move traffic. People will travel Silverbell more and more. Conservation is nice but peoples lives are more important than a mesquite tree. The environmentalists have continually hamstrung Tucson area transportation. Someone complained that they almost were killed riding their bikes on Silverbell, well hello a two land winding narrow road is not a safe place to ride. Just widen Silverbell ASAP and please don't put in bide lanes. I am sad that this meeting was taken over by the vocal few. Maybe you need to all comments on the internet. It is the same anti-development group NIBY's have had too much voice.

  • 23000 in last 14 yr
  • 2500 acres vacant
  • 12000 a day Cfaro & Silver
  • Signal Sweetwater
  • Widen I-10 Prince to 29th
  • 2006
  • Marana
  • Ina – Cortaro widen Silver

Short term:

  • Speed enforcement
  • Turn in to golf course
  • Tennis courts
  • Stop light – Silvercreek
  • Get traffic off Silverbell

Improve safety features. Please use the rubberized asphalt! Conservation and environmental beauty is key - far more important than road widening.

  1. Conservation is fine, but it does not address the very much needed widening of Silverbell in someway as soon as possible.
  2. What about also looking at widening roads between Silverbell and I-10 including Ruthrauff, Ina, and Orange Grove and possible adding more access between Silverbell and I-10. For example, connect Sweetwater across the river.

Is there any possibility of a N-S light rail? It seems, given the boom in the NW, with lots of older drivers that a light rail would make sense from Marana at least to downtown Tucson - or even better from Phoenix to Nogales. "Flood proofing" the washes just shoots the water to the next area downstream. In a major flood these wall are known to be undercut and washed out. Az puts the bridge footing too close to the edge of the rivers (it's cheaper and hey, it never rains here) which is why the ends of the bridges wash out. Channelizing the rivers destroys the trees/habitat of the rivers - you have created drainage ditches so that developers can continue to build in flood plains.

To alleviate some of the congestion at Grant and Silverbell I believe that more people that need to access the freeway would go on down to Speedway if there was a left-turn arrow there that allowed then to turn east. Currently it's a regular three-phase signal and there's too much northbound traffic to allow more than three vehicles through. It might help with the back-log on Grant heading east to I-10.