Silverbell Road Corridor Update

On April 12, 2005, the City of Tucson's Mayor and Council, at the request of the Silverbell Corridor Neighborhood Committee (SCNC), directed Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT) staff to work with the SCNC to identify some short-term, low-cost interim safety and capacity improvements that TDOT could design, fund and install on Silverbell Road within approximately 2 years. These improvements would be in addition to the Goret Road/Silverbell Road traffic signal and intersection improvement project which is already under design by TDOT. Said improvements are as follows:

  1. Southbound left turn lane and northbound right turn lane at the entrance to Christopher Columbus Park
  2. Northbound right turn lanes at both the service entrance as well as the customer entrance to the Pima Animal Control Center
  3. Southbound left turn lane at the customer entrance to the Pima Animal Control Center
  4. Southbound right turn lane at Sweetwater Drive
  5. Southbound right turn lane at Avenida Albor
  6. Southbound left turn lane and northbound right turn lane at the entrance to the Silverbell Golf Course
  7. Northbound left turn lane and southbound right turn lane at Neosha (improve sight visibility)
  8. Southbound right turn lane at Placita Sombra Chula (the northbound left will be done as part of the development of the "Estes Property")

It should be noted that the above mentioned short-term improvements are also consistent with the recommendations of the Silverbell Action Coalition (SAC) that were forwarded to the City of Tucson on April 19, 2005. In addition to the above mentioned short-term improvements, both the SCNC and the SAC have submitted recommendations for "intermediate-term" and "long-term" improvements. These "intermediate-term" and "long-term" improvements will require significant public input, multi-jurisdictional agreement and multi-jurisdictional funding and/or inclusion in the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

The City of Tucson is hopeful that Silverbell Road from Grant Road to Ina Road will be given consideration as a possible project for inclusion in the RTP. We are also hopeful that the voters in the region will adopt the RTP. Without Silverbell Road being included in the RTP and without the voters adopting the RTP, given the City's funding challenges, and should the City have to go it alone as far as funding improvements to Silverbell Road, the above listed improvements would likely by the only improvements that would occur on Silverbell Road for many years.