Private Improvement Agreement

PIA’s are typically required for:

  • Rezoning conditions: Some rezoning conditions may require a PIA for offsite improvements
  • Curbing: If the extent of curbing will result in impacts to existing drainage patterns.
  • Drainage Structures: Box Culverts, Pipe Culverts, connections to existing drainage facilities.
  • Drainage Improvements: Drainage grading.
  • Paving: This includes deceleration lanes, and turn lanes.
  • Median modifications: All median modifications.
  • Traffic Devices: This includes signalization, new traffic signs,…etc.

PIA Guidelines and Forms

PIA’s are not typically required for:

  • Curb cuts / Driveways
  • Utility trenching and backfill
  • Sidewalks on non-MS&R roadways
  • Minor curb replacements
  • Curb cut closures

Permits & Codes - Excavation

If there is a question as to whether or not a PIA is required, please contact the Permits and Codes Section of the TDOT Engineering Division at (520) 791-5100.